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Olbia Airport Parking

The total car parking facilities for Olbia Airport are 1079 spaces, which includes 40 parking spaces for visitors with reduced mobility.

Long and short term parking at Olbia Airport is located just in front of the passenger terminal. For a small charge visitors can leave their vehicle in this supervised parking lot. This charge can either be paid at the cash counters located at the parking lot exits or by using the parking fee machines situated outside the terminal’s main exit.

The machines are easy to use, as they offer onscreen instructions to the motorist of what to do, once the parking ticket has been inserted in the slot. Payment can be made with coins and notes up to a denomination of EUR 50.00. Main credit cards are also accepted.

The car parking lot is divided into three zones, depending on the nature of the parking required. The hourly rate for Olbia Airport parking is EUR 2.00 for up to one hour, EUR 4.00 for up to 2 hours and EUR 6.00 for up to 3 hours of parking. After that, motorists pay EUR 0.50 for each hour that falls between the fourth and 24th hour.

Daily rates work out quite favourably for long and short term parking at Olbia Airport. A full day (24 hours) costs EUR 16.00; two full days of parking cost EUR 26.00 and 3 full days will be charged at EUR 34.00. From the 4th day onwards motorists will be charged every 24 hours at the rate of EUR 3.00.

For frequent parking requirements Olbia Airport issues season tickets, which are divided into subcategories of season ticket prices for non-residents and those, who permanently dwell on Sardinia. A monthly season ticket for a non-resident will cost EUR 100.00 and EUR 75.00 for a resident’s season ticket. Therefore long term parking at Olbia Airport works out cheaper with a season ticket for non-resident visitors. The airport also issues a prepaid card worth EUR 40.00 to non-residents for long term parking at Olbia Airport. Season tickets and prepaid cards can be obtained from the office in the parking area during the office hours of 07.00 am to 10.00 pm daily.

Once the parking fee has been paid, visitors have 20 minutes to leave the airport’s parking lot – plenty of time for a quick cup of coffee or snack in the terminal building!

As a latest incentive to tempt shoppers into the fashion outlets and shops at the passenger terminal, Olbia Airport offers free parking to shoppers, which means that friends can drop off their visitors at the airport for their departure flight and then try out the many shops in the terminal building.

Parking zone A offers 454 parking spaces, zone B offers 457 and zone C provides 168 long and short term parking spaces at Olbia Airport.

For more information about Olbia Airport parking, please visit the airport’s official website at http://www.geasar.it.

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